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A Quick Guide To American History Homework

One of the most interesting things about the history of the great land of the Americas is that it is so culturally diverse. There is no one ethnic group monopolising the history of this great country and students of the subject get to experience a vast range of wars, movements and cultural phenomena to tickle their fancy. There are so many different eras that need to be addressed while studying American history and this is precisely what makes the subject rather challenging as well as very intriguing to study.

  • Getting the timeline right
  • History is all about the right chronological order. As long as the series and order of events is correct, it is very easy to go on with the homework assignments. The students are advised to create a diagrammatical representation of the specific period of American history that they are concentrating on. This makes the task of learning considerably easier and makes it unnecessary to memorise dates, which can be a rather tiresome process.

  • Chain of events
  • History, American or otherwise, is, basically, a series of chain reactions. No events in history are isolated incidents and almost always have a background that had set it in motion. This can be understood very clearly from the two World Wars of the twentieth century. The first one was characterised by Germany having to bear the brunt of the war. Unfair rations and sanctions were imposed on it, which ravaged its economy. This led to Hitler’s unfortunate reign that was basically a product of vendetta. The students must, hence, try their level best to go to the root of all historical events and learn as much as possible.

  • Pre-discovery phase
  • American history can be broadly divided into two phases, the pre-discovery phase and the post-discovery phase. The discovery refers to Christopher Columbus’ chancing upon the land of America, which then attracted European migrants to it. The ethnicity of the population in America changed drastically through these two phases. This is a rather important aspect of this land’s history.

  • U.S unilateralism
  • It is no secret that after the cold war, the U.S established its hegemony in world politics. Some topics for homework on this matter are as follows:

    • U.S unilateralism: Boon or bane?
    • Is the President of the United States essentially the king of the world?
    • Write an essay on how the U.S very craftily established its dominion over the Middle East.
    • Was Operation Iraqi Freedom a necessity or just a way for the U.S to boost its ego?