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Five Simple Tips That Helped Me With High School Homework In Maths

If one has to choose a subject dreaded alike in all parts of the world by majority of students, it will mathematics. Fear associated with math is mostly due to the inability to understand the subject and get the logic behind it. When your root concepts are not clear, you have difficulties in performing in higher classes too. Mathematics in high school is difficult for a lot of students but I tackled it in a few simple steps.

  1. Sticking to a plan. No, we don’t always a large task at hand to plan in advance. The plan is to complete the homework within a scheduled time. When you don’t like a subject, it usually takes you longer to finish its homework. You just avoid studying it but end up working on the homework right before going to school or the night before. Your plan should be to complete the homework within a reasonable time, say an hour, between 6 and 7 pm. Choose a time when your energy level and concentration power is likely to be at their best.
  2. Not stressing about how long it will take to get over. When you plan for it, know that those hours or minutes are dedicated for your maths homework only. Avoid checking the time often or stress about how you are not being able to finish it on time in case there is a problem. Cut yourself some slack and consider a larger timeframe but concentrate on your work.
  3. Reward yourself with a 15 minute break once you complete it. Don’t ask your parents to gift you something but train yourself to be free once something you dislike is over. This is a way of keeping yourself motivated and getting the work done in a smoother way.
  4. Instead of keeping myself away from it, I took out time from my regular schedule and practiced math every day. This helped me to get over my fear of the subject and eventually led to faster solving of problems. I was surrounded by students who faced similar difficulties with maths. So, we met once a week and solved problems and exercises together. We helped one another, exchanged tips and completed homework together. Your peers can support you when you are low on confidence and vice versa.

Above everything else, I told myself, it is okay to not like a subject or score the highest in a subject but it is not okay to be afraid of it.